What is Consenso Cubano?

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What is Consenso Cubano?

It is an open and dynamic process initiated by a group of Cuban political, social, labor, cultural, intellectual, religious and human rights organizations, committed to reconciliation and to a non-violent transition in Cuba to a sovereign state under the rule of law. It is a plural gathering space for reflection, conciliation and concord among Cuban organizations.

Participation in Consenso Cubano does not limit the independence of the participating organizations, and does not imply agreement on positions, which are not part of this process. Consenso Cubano is not a legal entity and is not meant to constitute an umbrella organization or political platform.

The document Pilares para un Consenso Cubano constitutes the foundation and frame of reference of Consenso Cubano. This document represents the inventory of those ideas that we share and form the basis upon which we seek to expand the initial group of participating organizations.